How to Find People Who Live in Dublin, Ireland

by Daelyn Fortney

Whether you are planning a trip to Dublin and want to make some connections before your arrival or you are just fascinated with the culture, it's relatively easy to find people who live in the capital city of Ireland. After a few postings on message boards or social media, you will find yourself surrounded---virtually---by Irish friends.

Locate a Dublin message board or group by searching the Internet. Sign up for an account with the group by supplying the requested information. Log into your account and start a new message. Tell the group about yourself and explain that you are looking to find friends in Dublin. Check the group frequently to see if anyone responds to your message. Provide your email address if you would like to chat privately.

Log into your Facebook account. Type "Dublin, Ireland" in the search field and find a page that features fans from Dublin. Click on the "Like" button and post a status on the wall introducing yourself. Explain that you are hoping to meet people in Dublin. Read through other messages on the wall and respond with friendly comments. Wait for people to respond to you.

Search the Internet for Irish penpal websites. Research the various services available. Make sure the service allows messages to be sent privately, without revealing your email address. Register for an account after reading the website terms and conditions. Open your email to access your username and password. Log into the website and create your user page that contains details that you wish to reveal. Use the search function to find people in Dublin. Exchange messages with people from the list.

Locate Dublin, Ireland websites and blogs. Leave comments on the posts letting people know that you are looking to find friends in Dublin. Provide a way people can contact you, preferably via email.

Purchase a classified ad in a local Dublin newspaper. Create a clear and concise ad explaining the reason you are seeking friends in Dublin. Include contact information at the end of the ad.

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