How to Find People at No Cost

by Carolyn Barton

Finding people on the internet is much easier these days then it was years ago. Free people-search sites and social networking sites are reuniting lost friends and family more every day. There are also phone book sites that can find numbers and addresses in any city in the world. If you are planning a family or school reunion, or just simply want to find an old friend, the internet is a great place to start.

Finding People Online

Start with a phone book type site. Many people can be easily found if you know the general area in which they are living. Some sites will even let you check one name with in an entire state rather than having to narrow it down to one city or town. Other sites to use include and

Create profiles on social networking sites. You can also search for people by name, email address and location. Social networking sites like Facebook, myspace, and Twitter also enable you to keep touch with the old friends you find with instant messaging, comments, picture sharing and status messages. Some other networking sites are, and

Use a search engine devoted to finding people. Some of these sites can be searched using just a name others require name and city or state. The search results on these sites generally return hits for sites like myspace and facebook and professional listings. Some sites that do free people searches are and

Call in or text your search to ChaCha. Text your request to 242 242 or call it in to 1-800-ChaCha and a knowledgeable guide will do the searching for you and return the answer to you in a text sent to your cell phone.

Items you will need

  • Computer with internet service