How to Obtain a South Korean Birth Certificate

by Kelley Taylor
In South Korea, a birth certificate is known as a Family Relation Register.

In South Korea, a birth certificate is known as a Family Relation Register.

A South Korean birth record is called a Family Census Registry. Prior to 2008 this document was known as a Family Relation Register. You can request a copy of a "Family Relation Certificate" which shows names of parents, spouse and children, or an "Identification Certificate" which shows only the individual’s date of birth, place of birth and all current and former names. Securing an original record of birth is vital for obtaining visas, establishing citizenship and marrying abroad. These records are also useful in tracing the genealogical history of your family.

Where to Send Your Request

Determine the address for the records office in the ward in which the document was originally filed. To find the address of the records office in each ward, contact the South Korean Embassy in Washington D.C. or your local South Korean Consulate office. A list of South Korean Consulate offices in the United States can be found at

What to Include in Your Request

Your request must be written in Korean or Chinese. Clarify whether you are requesting a Family Relation Certificate or an Identification Certificate. For a birth after 2008, list the name of the person for whom the record is needed and where he was born. For a birth record prior to 2008, you must also include the head of household's name -- typically the father -- and permanent address. Provide the mailing address to which the record should be sent. Include a check or money order to cover the cost of the document. As of the time of publication, each copy costs $3.00; however, contact the appropriate ward office before sending your request to confirm current fees.

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