How to Get a Postal Address in Hong Kong

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If you have an office or base in Hong Kong and you need a postal address to receive mail, you can opt for a private post office box, a supplementary service of the Hong Kong Post. You will receive a postal box address you can use for any correspondence that you want sent to you in Hong Kong. A postal box gives you your own postal address, which is more private than giving away your apartment or home address.

Step 1

Obtain a postal box rental application form, which is form Pos 807A, at the nearest Hong Kong Post location or online from the link in the "Resources" section of this article. The Hong Kong Post has three main locations--General Post Office, Kownloon Central Post Office and Tsim Sha Tsui Post Office--but there are other, smaller post office locations where you can rent a box for a cheaper price. If obtaining the application from a Hong Kong Post branch, their office hours are generally Monday to Sunday, between the hours of 7 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Step 2

Fill out the application form by following the regulations found within the Hong Kong Post guide. The Hong Kong Post states that a "private box may not be rented in a fictitious name or an improper purpose." The mail you receive must also contain your name and the correct postal box address, which includes the box number and the name and address of the post office to ensure proper delivery. The application is written in both English and Cantonese.

Step 3

Submit the application to a Hong Kong Post branch during office hours and pay the annual rental charge. You may rent either a small or large box, depending on your needs, and the annual rental fee is HK $270 to $650, which is about US $35 to $45. The minimum period of rental is 12 months and you can renew the box every year with the discretion of the Postmaster General.