How to Find Cuban Relatives in Cuba

by Alan Temple

Though a difficult task, finding relatives in the island nation of Cuba can open up a new understanding of your family history and your own heritage. Because Cuba is a communist state that has lukewarm relations with the US, traveling there involves a lot of red tape. Many parts of Cuba do not have regular access to the Internet, so you have to consider methods of contact such as social networking sites and e-mail out of the question. However, the Internet can still prove somewhat useful, along with a few other methods.

Use the telephone. You can get access to Cuban residential numbers by searching the Spanish phone directory Paginas Blancas. If your family member is Cuban, they might be settled in a single address and have a registered phone number in the Paginas Blancas.

Utilize the help of genealogy sites such as, FamilySearch or MyHeritage. While direct contact with Cubans is sporadic through the Internet you can still take advantage of these sites which provide extensive genetic records; they could also provide an idea where your family member is located.

Talk to other family members. Sometimes the best course of action is the simplest, and your family members at home or abroad may have valuable information about where your relatives live in Cuba and how to go about finding them.

Visit Visa HQ for information on how to apply for a visa. It is not impossible for US citizens to enter Cuba, and if you attain a visa and you know the area where your relative lives, visiting could be the best course of action.

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