How to Find a Friend in Ukraine

by Daelyn Fortney

The whirlwind romance is over and your love has headed back to Ukraine. Soon, you realize that in the midst of the goodbyes and tears you forgot to ask for his new contact information. Thankfully, email and social media make staying in contact with people easy nowadays, but what if he is not a computer savvy fellow? Locating someone in the United States is quite a bit easier than finding a person in Ukraine; however, with a little bit of leg work, it just may be possible.

Internet Search

Launch your preferred search engine and type the person's name in the search box. If you know his city of residence in Ukraine, include that in the search, as well. Review any results to see if you are any closer to finding the person.

Think back on your conversations with the individual and try to remember details, such as where he worked or attended school, places he liked to visit or eating establishments he frequented. Search for those locations.

Try to locate an email address and contact the place, explaining who you are, the name of the person you are searching for and how you know him. Ask if they can pass along your contact information. If an email address is not available, considering placing a call.

Ukraine Message Board

Locate a Ukraine group or message board, by searching the Internet. Register for an account with the group, by providing your full name, email address and any other requested information. Open your email software and click on the confirmation message sent to you from the Ukraine group.

Log into your account and click on the link that allows you to start a new message or thread. Provide the name of the person that you are trying to locate.

Inquire as to whether or not anyone from Ukraine can assist you in the search for your friend. Phone and address records are available in Ukraine, but may be listed in Russian or Ukrainian, as the Russians still occupy much of Ukraine. Enlist the help of someone from that country who speaks the language and has access to those records.

Other Options

Search your phone records, email address or social media accounts for any friends or family that you may have been introduced to while your friend was visiting. Contact the parties, and ask if they can pass along your email address and phone number to your friend.

Meet with a private detective. Ask if he is able to locate someone in another country. Understand that if the service is available, the private detective will charge a fee for the search.

Consider waiting to see if your friend tries to contact you.


  • Check with your telephone provider before placing a call outside of the country. Additional rates may apply.

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