How to Take a Family Vacation With Adult Children

by Janece Bass

Family vacations tend to conjure up images of a mom, dad and younger children enjoying each other's company in a faraway city, campground or beach: However, adult children can still vacation with Mom and Dad. Being together --- away from normal daily routines -- can give a family the opportunity to relax and get to know each other on a deeper level, even after the children become adults. Take a family vacation with your adult children to recapture the closeness you felt when they were younger, or to start a new tradition and enjoy the adults they've become. Vacationing together is a possibility, no matter how far you live from each of your children.

Discuss vacation options as a group, with all parties involved. Have a webcam conference or a conference phone call, so everyone can have a say in the destination -- if you can't meet in person. Vote on the vacation and go where everyone -- or the majority -- want to go. The family can rent a large cabin in the mountains, take a cruise, stay at a bed-and-breakfast along the coast or stop by the nation's capital for an educational visit.

Plan a location or destination that offers activities for young children, if grandchildren are involved. Multi-generational vacations provide an opportunity for the entire family to bond, especially if you don't live near one another.

Lay out who is paying for what. Some adult children may expect Mom and Dad to foot the bill, which could create a family feud instead of a bonding, relaxing vacation.

Make specific travel plans, such as who will rent the car and drive, or if the family will meet at a central airport -- or the final destination. For example, the entire family could fly into a central airport, then catch the same connecting flight to the final destination, so you all arrive together.

Leave some free time in the vacation schedule to allow the parents and adult children to participate in activities they enjoy, but the others might not. Having together- and separate-time planned out, allows everyone to fully enjoy their vacation; as well as time with the family.

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  • Make family vacations an annual tradition, especially if everyone lives far away from each other. Take turns choosing where to go, with a set budget in mind, if it's hard to get the entire family to agree on a specific location.

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