What Do I Wear to a Casual Nightlife Club?

by Eric Ervin ; Updated September 28, 2017

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The outfit you pick to wear at a nightclub should standout from the rest of the crowd. When going to a casual nightlife club, pick outfits that are not too dressy. Keep the nightclub's dress code in mind. Dress codes at casual nightclubs are often less strict, compared to exclusive nightclubs.


Pick the shoes you are going to wear to a casual nightlife club based on the activities you’re going to participate in. For women who like to dance, short-heel or flat-heel shoes will allow more movement on the dance floor. Men and women can wear casual tennis shoes, such as a pair of boat shoes. If you’re a woman who is going mingle in the club, go with high heels. For the man who is not going to dance, choose unpolished boots or shoes that do not have a pointed toe.


Men and women can add pop to their casual nightlife club outfits with accessories. You can top off an outfit with a Fedora-style hat, which comes in men's and women’s styles with different colors. Limit your jewelry selections to costume or inexpensive pieces, such as watches, bracelets, rings and necklaces. Expensive jewelry can easily get lost in a crowded nightclub. Choose casual belts or suspenders that match with your outfit. For added flare, wear a belt buckle.

Shirts and Blouses

Men and women can wear polo shirts to a casual nightlife club. Polo shirts come in a variety of styles, including short and long sleeves. A man can also achieve a casual look at a nightclub with a button-down Oxford shirt. Women can wear casual blouses. Men and women can achieve a casual and stylish look by wearing designer T-shirts with graphics and designs on them.

Pants, Dresses and Skirts

Jeans can be wore for a casual look for men and women. Men and women can also wear a pair of khaki pants to achieve a casual look at a nightlife club. Women who want to move on the dance floor while still maintaining a casual look can wear tight, short and fitted dresses or skirts. For the woman who does not dance, a shirt dress or mini skirt can convey a casual look. Men who dance at a casual nightlife club can move easier in leather pants.

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