How to Plan Fun Activities for Kids

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Staying on schedule and getting organized are the keys to a successful and fun-filled day with children. An unorganized play time will lead to chaos and stress. Keep children busy with preplanned, fun activities. When it comes to planning fun activities for kids, you have to think like a kid and use your imagination. Setting up activities that will keep their attention and keep them busy will ensure that everyone, including you, has an enjoyable day.

Brainstorm ideas. Think about activities the children already enjoy. Art projects, outdoor games and helping to cook or bake. Design activities based on these hobbies.

Consider local resources. Visit your local library to check out books on children's activities. While there, pick up some information on local activities, story times, museums, parks and festivals.

Remember age-appropriateness. If a task is too difficult for a young child, he will get discouraged. Likewise if you plan an activity that is simple, an older child will be bored. If you have a group of children of varying ages, consider modifying each activity for different age groups. For example, you can make snowman art projects. Young children can have the snowman preprinted out and color them. Older children can cut out the circles, glue them onto Popsicle sticks and decorate them with glitter and puffy paints.

Create a schedule. Stay organized by creating a detailed schedule allotting time for each activity, cleanup, snacks and quiet time. Post the schedule in a place where everyone can view it.

Gather supplies. Create a list of all the supplies your activities require and go to the store if necessary. Keep in mind how many children are in your group and obtain enough supplies for everyone.

Set up the activities. Organize your activity tables, supplies and areas. For messy projects put out paper towels. Set up each child's station with all necessary supplies. For instance, if you decide to make beaded bracelets, set up each station with string, clasps and beads.