Christian Ladies Brunch Ideas

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Every lady needs a little time away from the toils of life. Brunch is a perfect outing for ladies looking for a break from the ordinary. Plan the brunch for an agreed-upon day that will accommodate the majority of the ladies. The food can be light, but the fun and fellowship should be significant.

Food Ideas and Decorations

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Fruit salads and muffins are standard brunch items. Tea (both hot and iced), lemonade and punch are good beverage options. Decorations shouldn't be cumbersome. A small bouquet of flowers on each table will suffice. Perhaps even a bowl of fresh fruit that can be included as a buffet item. A potted plant that can also serve as a door prize is an efficient way to go. Simple is best for this occasion, but the decorations can still be pretty and inviting. Set up a large table for the food and drinks. Dress up your food table by using sturdy boxes covered with a tablecloth or scrap fabric to create different levels. This makes the food easily accessible and adds interest to the buffet.


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Even though the idea of brunch implies plenty of food, there will still be time for an activity or two. The purpose is to give women a chance to relax and get to know each other. A simple craft idea is a fun activity. Consider asking each woman to bring scrap booking supplies to share, along with some photos to work with. Most women are surprised at how productive they can be when there are no distractions. Getting just one page done may feel like an accomplishment to a busy mom. Incorporate a short devotional into your time together.

Babysitting Options

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Since this brunch is for women of all ages, it is reasonable to assume that some mothers of young children will be in attendance. Make babysitting options available so that everyone can participate. Consider having a teenager, or a group of teenagers, available at the location. Most churches have nursery facilities. Each parent who is in need of childcare can donate a dollar amount to the selected group of teenagers you have hired as caregivers.