Valentine's Gifts for Staff Appreciation

Valentine’s Day is an ideal time to show your staff how much they are appreciated. Valentine's gifts should have a personal element without overstepping the business relationship you share. Many factors will affect the gifts you choose, such as budget and staff size. Give the same gift to all employees to avoid hurt feelings and work place hostility. If you are buying for a mixed gender staff, try to find a gift all will appreciate.

Gift Cards

Gift cards in small denominations such as $5 or $10 are practical gifts most will find useful. Good choices for gift cards include local businesses, retail chains, fast food restaurants, book stores and movie rentals stores. Add a personal touch by writing a special thank you message on each card.

Food Gifts

Chocolates are synonymous with Valentine’s Day. A small box of assorted chocolates or conversational candy hearts is a relatively inexpensive Valentine gift for your employees. Other food gifts include bags of popcorn or coffee mugs with a small bag of gourmet coffee or tea. Try to be sensitive to any dietary restrictions or food allergies if you choose a food gift for your staff.

Free Lunch

In lieu of an individual gift for each employee, opt for a group lunch. If you work in a business that is able to close for a lunch break, take your staff out for a Valentine’s Day meal. For companies that must have staff on hand at all times, have lunch brought in. To personalize your in-house lunch, serve the food yourself.

Lottery Tickets

Scratch-off lottery tickets are fun gifts that most will enjoy receiving. Many lottery retailers carry holiday themed scratch-off tickets around Valentine’s Day. Some boast clever names such as “Hearts of Fire” or “Crazy Hearts” and are decorated in red and pink with holiday themes. Choosing the one dollar tickets is a very cost efficient way to give your staff a gift they will enjoy. Because not all of the tickets will be winners, pair the lottery ticket with another small gift.


A small plant for everyone’s desk is a thoughtful gift that will brighten your whole office. For a mixed gender office, a green plant will be more uniformly appreciated than blooming flowers. Your local florist or an online source such as FTD will be able to help you find inexpensive hardy plants for your staff.

Portable USB Thumb Drives

This is a very functional gift, especially in an office setting. It is an affordable choice, depending on the memory storage size. With a portable USB drive, employees are able to store personal information such as photos as well as company materials. Because the portable drives are available in multiple colors, buying red drives will personalize this gift for Valentine’s Day.