Ideas for a Small Bridal Shower

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Small bridal showers are a comfortable way to honor the bride-to-be who does not want a big wedding. A group of close friends or associates can create as memorable of an experience as one with a crowd. Create a formal or informal get together. Make the shower, with food and decorations, one to recall whether the occasion is an office party or if you have the party as a friends' gathering.


Only include guests who the bride invites to the wedding. It is rude to invite people to a shower and expect them to bring gifts if they are not invited to the wedding. There might be guests who want to be at the wedding and are unable to go because of prior commitments but who wish to participate in some of the wedding events; you may invite these guests to the shower.

Shower Gifts

Make sure that your guests know to bring inexpensive gifts for the shower. Kitchen towels, wooden utensils or hot pads are some ideas. Share the wedding registry list with your guests, and emphasize the least-expensive gifts. Have someone at the shower keep track of who gave gifts during the present opening so the bride-to-be can write thank you notes after the event.


Flower bouquets are beautiful favors for a bridal shower. Use miniature pink and white roses with sprays of baby's breath or ferns and name cards to decorate the table. Grocery store flowers are an inexpensive option that you can decorate with scalloped wrapping paper and ribbon. Use artificial flowers to create permanent memories. Small potted plants or flowers are thoughtful gifts if the bride enjoys gardening.


Serve food that the bride enjoys, but also be aware of guests' allergies. Create easy meals by serving food buffet style. Some ideas are finger sandwiches and cupcakes instead of a cake. Serve fruit, vegetable and cheese platters to your guests. Provide sparkling juices and waters for drinks. Coffee or tea served with lemon wedges, sugar and cream are also appropriate beverages. Include food like shrimp, puff pastries and skewers of beef, chicken or vegetables and champagne for a more formal luncheon. A bridal shower is also a good occasion for a tea with scones, crumpets and other tea foods such as spinach sandwiches cut into triangles.

Spa Bridal Shower

Treat your guests to a spa date with manicures, massages or other services. Create gift baskets of lotion, bath salts, loofahs and other spa gifts if you do not have time or the budget to go to spa date with your guests. Hold a spa party with your guests where you give each other beauty treatments, such as facials while you listen to soothing music.

Party Favors

Make handcrafted guest gifts like potpourri, votive candle holders or a carry-all. Buy these if you are in a hurry, and personalize gifts with stencils.