Types of Bridal Showers

pink and neon image by sumos from Fotolia.com

If you want to throw a bridal shower for a friend or family member, there are many different types from which to choose. You don't have to select a theme, but doing so makes the shower much more cohesive. It will help you choose what types of decorations and foods to have. It also helps your guests decide on a gift.


While many brides receive all kinds of kitchen gifts and gadgets leading up to their wedding, treat them with a shower that offers a little bit more. The guests all bring an edible, gourmet gift that the couple can enjoy after their wedding. This shower works best if it is help fairly close to the wedding. For example, guests can bring pricey herbs, such as saffron, or expensive olive oil. A gift certificate to a local artisan bread or cheese store would be another good gift.


This is a good shower idea if the bride is inviting a handful of her closest friends. Go to a local spa and hire a manicurist or two to do everyone's hands or feet. While the guests and the bride are being pampered, you can serve snacks and the bride can open gifts. At this shower, the registry is off limits. Guests bring the bride gifts she can use to pamper herself, such as a foot massager, facial cream, scented bubble bath or a gift certificate to a local spa.


Lots of showers these days include both men and women. Host a brunch shower and invite the bride, groom and several couples they are friends with. Set up a buffet of traditional brunch foods, such as quiche, bagels, eggs and bacon. Don't forget the bloody Marys and mimosas. Guests can bring the couple items they would use for their own brunches, such as a waffle iron, a pancake griddle and a champagne bucket.


Another theme many brides would enjoy is a shower in which everyone brings monogrammed items. But make sure the bride is planning on taking her groom's surname before you plan on this type of party. Purchase plates, napkins and other decorations that feature the bride's new last name initial. You can even make sugar cookies in the shape of her initial. Guests can bring all sorts of monogrammed items, such as a bathrobe, napkins, towels and a welcome mat.