Ideas for Muffins With Mom

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Muffins with Mom is generally a celebration that is held in schools to bring students and mothers together. This event usually takes place before or after mother’s day. Many schools ask that mothers come to school with their kids and enjoy a breakfast muffin with the child in honor of the special day. However, there are a variety of ways that you can create your own Muffins with Mom occasion. Mothers and children of all ages can enjoy a Muffins with Mom events whether they are elaborate or simple. The important part of the activity is to spend time together.


Have a Muffins with Mom gathering. Call up your favorite friends and their moms. Set a date to host Muffins with Mom and invite everyone over to your house to bake. If you don’t have the room for a group baking party, ask everyone to bake at home and bring muffins to share. A group activity is a great way to celebrate moms and possibly kindle new friendships.


Surprise your mom with a Muffins with Mom occasion. On a day that you know your mom has no or few plans, surprise her with her favorite muffins. Bring them over in a picnic basket and ask her to enjoy a muffin picnic with you. Odds are, she will be thrilled with the gesture and touched that you thought of her. Be careful not to assume that she doesn’t have other plans. Call in advance and casually ask what she will be doing on the day that you are planning your big surprise. Make vague plans with her so that she doesn’t expect something special.


Enhance your Muffins with Mom experience by incorporating tradition. Use well-liked family muffin recipes, if your family has some. If not, use this as an opportunity to get together with you mom and create the best muffin recipe that you can. Start your own family muffin recipe tradition that your kids can pass down to their kids.


Mix Muffins with Mom and the holidays. Get together with your mom and bake your favorite muffins for your family members as gifts. Wrap them in decorative baskets and deliver them fresh if you are able. Muffins with Mom is a great way to spend time with your mom, while sharing with others. Perhaps by sharing, you will entice other family members to start Muffins with Mom.