Surprise Anniversary Ideas

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Anniversaries are full of emotion. They bring back a flood of memories, reminding a couple of all the special moments they've shared together, particularly since getting married. Anniversaries offer the perfect opportunity to surprise your significant other or the celebrating couple, and to remind others of all the love that is shared.

For Your Partner

No one knows your relationship better than you and your spouse, so no one can conjure up special memories like you can. For a fantastic surprise anniversary, purchase tickets or make arrangements to go somewhere meaningful, and then pack a bag and whisk your partner away for a romantic getaway. Make it even more romantic by bringing your partner to the place you first fell in love, first kissed, got married or honeymooned.

If you can't get away, bring the getaway to you. Recreate a special date in your town. Take a walk in the park or along the beach if that is something you have enjoyed. Redo a special moment---get down on one knee and propose that you and your partner spend the rest of your lives together. Turn your dining room into a restaurant and cook a special meal. If you have kids, have them act as waiters or hostesses in your home restaurant.

For Parents

If your parents are sharing a special anniversary, such as a 25th or 50th anniversary, host a surprise party for all your family members. Work with your siblings to plan the party. Invite your parents' current friends, as well as family and friends who were with them on their wedding day. Cater a meal that mirrors the food served during their wedding reception. Play music that was popular during their first years of marriage, especially the song they first danced to. Ask family members and friends to send you pictures and create a memorable slideshow, showcasing their years as a married couple.

For Friends

If you have friends who will be celebrating an anniversary, find out their plans in advance. Make arrangements with their family members or close friends to babysit their children for the night or weekend. This is especially useful for couples with young children. Surprise the couple with a gift certificate to a romantic restaurant and a local spa where they can share a massage. Upgrade the surprise with a night at a hotel.