Ideas for Parents' 25th Wedding Anniversary

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The silver anniversary, or 25th wedding anniversary, is certainly an occasion to commemorate. The celebrants would have definitely experienced lots of ups and downs over more than two decades and still have a strong bond to show for it. So, show your parents how much their marriage means to you with an extraordinary 25th anniversary gift or celebration.

Silver Keepsakes

Since this anniversary is referred to as the silver anniversary, give your parents a special keepsake gift made of silver.

Display a wedding photo of them and a current photo of them in a sterling silver bi-fold picture frame. Have their wedding date and anniversary date engraved on the front. They can toast to their anniversary with silver-plated toasting flutes. A sterling silver serving tray inscribed with their names is a decorative addition to their China hutch.

An Unforgettable Party

A party is certainly in order for such a milestone. Consider using one of these ideas to throw them a party that they are sure to remember.

Wedding Re-creation: Your parents will be touched to find that you have re-created their wedding day for their 25th anniversary party. Select the same colors that your parents used at their wedding as the color scheme for the party. Use these colors for table linens, napkins, chair covers and balloons. Decorate the room with bouquets made of their original wedding flowers. If possible, try to mimic their original dinner menu. Have a replica cake made and top it with their cake topper. Welcome the celebrated couple to the event by playing their wedding song when they enter the room.

Silver Theme: Plan a tasteful silver-themed party for your parents. Dress the tables with white or black tablecloths with silver organza overlays. For table centerpieces, fill silver vases with white roses surrounded by tea lights. Place bouquets of silver balloons around the room. Add interest to chairs by hanging silver bows on the back of them. Serve food on silver dinnerware. Place pictures of the couple throughout their years of marriage in silver picture frames and display them around the room.

A Second Honeymoon

Your parents will have fun pretending they are newlyweds again on a second honeymoon.

Plan a trip that is identical to their first honeymoon. Arrange for them to visit the same destination that they did the first time around and stay in the same hotel. Or, if they have a favorite place that they vacation at each year, you may want to book a premium suite in a luxury hotel at that location. Perhaps there is some place that they have always wanted to go--Europe or a secluded island retreat, for instance. If this is the case, they will be elated when they discover that you have planned the trip of their lifetime for them.