How to Sell Pearls


If you have pearls in your possession, there may come a time that you consider selling them. Pearls are valuable jewelry accents and can make you a large amount of money depending on their grade and style. You should gather information about your pearls before you attempt to sell them. Read on to learn how to sell pearls.

Find applicable paperwork on the pearls. You should have a certificate of appraisal with the pearls' grade, shape and size. If you do not have an appraisal, you need to get one.

Write a description of the pearls. Be honest, but also try to play up the better characteristics of the pearls. Mention if they have good color and luster.

Advertise your pearls. If you want to sell the pearls on your own, place an ad in the newspaper or hold an online auction.

Contact a third party to sell your pearls. You can have an estate jeweler attempt to sell your pearls. They will typically charge a 25 percent commission or more.

Be prepared to answer any questions. Pearl buyers will probably want to know specifics about the jewelry. This includes the appraised value, where the pearls were stored, how often they were cleaned and how long they have been in your possession.

Negotiate the best price possible. You don't want to sell the pearls well below their value. Hold out for the minimum offer that you have decided to accept.