How to Resize Palladium Rings

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Due to growth spurts and fluctuations in weight, your rings may not fit any longer and may need to be resized. While it is generally easy to have a gold, platinum or silver ring resized, it can be more challenging to change the size of a palladium ring. Palladium rings are alloy rings, which means that they are a mix of two metals, and they are similar in appearance to platinum and white gold but are significantly lighter in weight.

Contact local jewelers and ask them if they resize palladium. Not every jeweler will resize palladium, so you must contact several and ask them if they work with palladium.

Measure your finger size. Download and print out a finger size guide from a jewelry store's website or go to a jeweler to have your finger size measured.

Take the palladium ring to the jeweler and have it resized. Provide your finger size to the jeweler or have him measure your finger size. It may take several days or weeks to have your ring resized.