How to Measure Pearls

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The quality of pearls is judged by a number of characteristics, including size. While the relationship between the size of the pearls and the price can vary depending on the dealer, generally the larger the pearls are, the more they are worth. According to, the largest pearl on record was more than 9.4 inches in length. Most pearls are measured in millimeters, ranging from less than one to more than 20. Whether you are buying or selling your pearls, be sure you can measure their sizes to make sure you are getting your money’s worth.

Measure the diameter of round pearls. Use the measuring tape to measure across one face of the pearl in millimeters.

Measure fancy pearls, or pearls that are other than round-shaped, by measuring both the diameter and length of the pearls. Measure the diameter at the widest part of the pearl and the length from the top to the bottom.

Express measurements in millimeters. For pearls that measure fewer than 10mm, round to the nearest 0.25mm. For pearls that measure larger than 10mm, express the size in the nearest 0.1mm.