How to Get a Pearl G-String

The pearl g-string comes in a stylish array of delicate designs. You will see it mostly as a string of pearls adjoined to lace or satin waistbands. Get this type of g-string for fashion and occasion rather than sports or comfort.

Find a pearl g-string that will fit snugly around your hips. For a lace-topped pearl g-string, be sure the size you get hugs the contours of your body perfectly. If you choose an ill-fitting g-string belt, the pearl-lined crotch and buttocks strap will sag. You want to avoid this challenge with any g-string, especially a pearl style, which is designed for a dainty, romantic fit.

Take your measurements correctly before you purchase a g-string. Since g-strings are sized according to the width of your hips, you want to get an accurate inch measurement. Use a fabric or other pliable tape measure to wrap around your hips. A g-string rests at the very top of the hip bones, so measure from the tip of one hip bone all the way around to the other.

Select your size. Most sizes you will find are the standard small, medium and large, but with accompanying hip measurements. Although some specialty shops offer custom sizes for specific body types, you should explore how the panties are sized at each store. To get an idea of how sizes run, view a sizing chart at a reputable lingerie store or website such as Victoria's Secret online (see Resources below).

Explore the variations of the pearl g-string. Some of these exquisite pieces of lingerie come with thicker lace and fabric bands adjoined to the pearl strip. A style such as this leaves something more to the imagination than a stark g-string belt. Other designs employ drop pearl accents, sequined embellishments and glass and crystal beading.

Decide on a g-string that has a double strand of pearls for a more appealing and fashionable design. Some companies offer you the choice of one or two strands of pearls for an added fee when you make your purchase.