US Navy Uniform Regulations for Jewelry

by Kelly Mendoza

Women who are enlisted in the U.S. Navy must adhere to guidelines when wearing jewelry.

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The U.S. Navy has regulations for every article of clothing worn by servicemen and servicewomen. Jewelry is no exception. Women must adhere to strict guidelines about what jewelry to wear. All jewelry needs to be in good taste and not pose a safety hazard.


Earrings are not required, but if a woman chooses to wear them they must be a 4- to 6-mm ball. Only one earring may be worn in each ear. Officers wear gold, while lower-ranked women wear silver. They must be plain with a brushed, matte finish. They can be secured with either screws or posts. If a woman is wearing her dress or formal uniform, she may wear pearl earrings.


Women may wear one on each hand, in addition to her wedding and engagement rings. They must not pose a safety hazard.


Women may wear one necklace or choker. Any necklace needs to be worn under the uniform and may not be visible.


Women may wear one watch and one bracelet. Plastic bands supporting a cause or organization are not considered bracelets and may not be worn while in uniform. Ankle bracelets are not allowed.

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