How to Buy Diamond Jewelry in Vietnam

Vietnam is a place where you can find all sorts of jewelry. However, you need to be extremely careful when it comes to buying diamond jewelry in Vietnam so that you do not get ripped off. Buying diamond jewelry anywhere can be tricky, so make sure that the jewelry you buy in Vietnam is of great quality. Vietnam does not have diamond mines of its own, so sellers import all of their diamond jewelry. Therefore, prices will be just about the market value of the diamonds.

Go into a jewelry store in Vietnam. Do not buy jewelry on the street or at a street stand, unless you want to buy jewelry without knowing if it is real. When you want to buy real diamond jewelry, visit a jewelry store. Diamond Plaza, in Ho Chin Minh City, is one of the newest jewelry centers in Vietnam. It has a large selection of diamonds, and it is a place that sells certified diamonds.

Ask to handle and look at all of the pieces of diamond jewelry that you are thinking of buying. Check the diamonds for clarity and for overall quality. Be wary of any stores that do not let you look at or try on the jewelry, or any diamonds that are cloudy or not clear. In Vietnam, the problem is not always fake diamonds but diamonds that have been brought into the country illegally. These diamonds look like any other diamond, so ask to see the papers that accompany the diamond. If there are no papers, it is probably illegal, and although it might be a beautiful diamond, it could get you in a lot of trouble, especially going through customs.

Ask about the prices of the pieces of diamond jewelry that you are thinking of buying. If the price is negotiable, it might not be a real jewelry store or a real diamond. Do your research before you arrive so you know roughly how much a diamond should cost. Be sure the costs reflect what is actually there. Diamonds in Vietnam should reflect the worldwide market trading price of diamonds. To check the world market price, check out a great online source, listed below.

Ask to see the certificate of authenticity. Have a translator or someone you trust tell you what the document says if it is not in English. Check two things: that the diamond is authentic and that it was approved by the government.

Make sure that you have documentation for the diamonds that you purchase, and be aware that your home country might require you to pay taxes upon entering. You do not have to pay any taxes while leaving Vietnam with your diamonds, but you might need to pay them upon returning to your own country.