How to Find Out What My Baccarat Crystal Is Worth?

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Baccarat crystal has been the choice for bridal gifts for several years. The Knot wedding website calls Baccarat, along with Waterford, the &ldquo;cream of the crystal crop.&rdquo; The New York Times reports that there is no comparison-shopping for Baccarat in Paris, as a central organization sets the price. Baccarat stemware is pricey when new and holds its value if the original condition is maintained. You can determine an approximate resale value or replacement value with some online research.

Find the pattern name of your Baccarat crystal stemware. Use the Baccarat website for patterns currently in production, and use a crystal-matching website for patterns no longer available. Identify discontinued crystal with the use of a book like &ldquo;Crystal Stemware: Identification Guide.&rdquo; This book has line drawings of crystal stemware patterns by maker, including Baccarat.

Take inventory of the pieces of Baccarat crystal you have available, detailing the shape and any damage, including scratches, gold losses or cloudiness. Minor damage will devalue your crystal by 25 to 50 percent. Larger stems are often worth more than medium-sized stems, and tiny cordials are sometimes most valuable. In stemware values, size and shape matter.

Search online for items sold in the past year in your Baccarat pattern. Do not consider unsold items as these are prices and not values. Prices are only valid for replacement value for insurance purposes for items in current production, but are not the &ldquo;worth&rdquo; of your Baccarat crystal. Sold items in the same pattern, size and condition will give you the best approximation of the worth of your crystal.

Contact an appraiser who specializes in crystal and glass if you want valuation for insurance or loss. It is unlikely that your personal estimate will be valid for any legal purpose, but it is meaningful for curiosity and family.