How to Customize Your Own Marriage Certificate

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A marriage is one of the biggest events in a couple's life. Wedding albums and other keepsakes serve as reminders of their special day and allow couples to relive it in their memories. However, the wedding certificate that a couple is issued by the state in which they were married is generally plain and unattractive making it unsuitable for framing. Couples can customize and create their own marriage certificate for displaying in their home.

Choose your template. Websites, such as Certificate Street and Free Printable Certificates, offer couples many choices for marriage certificate designs and colors.

Download the template. Click the download option to save the file onto your computer.

Fill in your information. Enter your and your spouse's names, date of marriage, location and other requested information.

Print the marriage certificate. Use high-quality printer paper, photo paper or cardstock to print your decorative marriage certificate to display.

Frame your decorative marriage certificate. Use a wedding-style frame or other frame of your choice. Purchase a frame larger than necessary if you would like to include a mat around your certificate. Choose colors that complement the colors you chose for your wedding.