Crafts to Make With a Wedding Invitation

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Weddings celebrate the union of two people. Coming up with creative gift ideas for the bride and groom can be difficult. However, using the couple's wedding invitation as the basis for craft projects gives you the tools to give a unique and creative gift to the couple. They then have a personal gift from you and something to cherish from their special day. If you prefer, you can make the crafts for yourself using your own invitation for the wedding.

Shadow Box

Create a shadow box for the bride and groom using their wedding invitation. Purchase a shadow box at your local craft store and pin or glue the invitation inside. While the invitation should be the focus of the display, include other embellishments. This might be stickers, glitter, or fake flowers. To personalize the shadow box, include trinkets that represent your personal relationship with the bride and groom.

Gift Bag

If you wish to purchase a gift for the couple from their wedding registry, you can still use their wedding invitation to create a unique gift bag. Purchase a plain gift bag at your local party or craft store. Mount the couple's wedding invitation on decorative paper and glue this to the front of the gift bag. Put your gift in the bag, and use tissue paper and ribbon that match the couple's wedding colors to further personalize the bag.

Decoupage Keepsake Box

You can preserve the couple's wedding invitation by decoupaging it on a box. Purchase a wooden or plastic box at your local craft or home store. Paint it whatever color you choose. You may wish to tie in the colors of the couple's wedding, or you may choose any other neutral color. Place the couple's wedding invitation on the top of the box and decoupage it using a water and glue mixture. Coat the invitation and box thoroughly, as this will seal the invitation for years to come. After the box is completely dry, add any other embellishments you choose. Place any trinkets in the box you wish the couple to have. (Ref 2)

Glass Candle Holder

Creating a glass candle holder with the couple's invitation is an inexpensive and unique gift for the bride and groom. Purchase a plain clear glass candle holder at your local craft store. Use a scanner to scan the image to your computer. Utilize a photo editing program to create the size image you desire to put around the candle holder. Using your printer, print out the image on transfer paper designed for glass. You can purchase this at a local office supply store. Using the paper's instructions, transfer the image to the glass. Include a candle with the couple's favorite scent to complete your gift.