How to Make Your Own Tabletop Sign Holders


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Tabletop sign holders can be made of any material and as elegant or crude as the occasion requires. The same basic assembly applies to signs for advertising the wares at a swap meet or a sign at a wedding. The important thing to remember is that the sign must rest at a 70-degree angle for the best viewing. You can make tabletop sign holders out of toilet paper tubes with a few additions. It is a creative and green way to recycle those unpopular cardboard tubes.

Place two empty toilet paper tubes together. Clip them together with two, 2-inch paper clips, one one each side.

Stand two tongue depressors behind one of the tubes, on the extreme right and left. Glue the depressors to the tube and hold it in place with a clothespin. Wait for the glue to dry. This can be from three to 12 hours.

Remove the clothespins from the depressors and tube.

Go outside to paint the sign holder. Cover the surface with a very thin coat of paint and let it dry before applying a second coat. Wait for the paint to dry before using it.

Place your sign between the curvatures of the toilet paper rolls and let it fall back against the tongue depressors. Place it on the tabletop.