26th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

happy anniversary image by Galina Barskaya from Fotolia.com

Usually, each year of marriage has traditional gift ideas that provide guidance in the selection of gifts. The 26th anniversary, however, does not have any traditional symbols associated with the event. Modern symbols for the anniversary have developed to be jade or original photographs and artwork. Many ideas can come from these two symbols associated with the anniversary.


The gift of Jade is one modern gift option for a 26th anniversary gift. The natural jade mineral is green, but the gem is popular in fabricated colors such as yellow, lavender, red, orange, black and yellow. Jewelry or cuff links made from jade would be a thoughtful gift. Other options could include a jade paperweight or incense burner. You may choose to host a jade-themed dinner using the color jade to decorate in the form of flowers, candles and table runner. A gift of jade could come in the form of the Jade plant. This plant, known as the money tree, is a Chinese symbol of prosperity.


Picture gifts for a 26th anniversary should be unique. Photos of a couple can be used in the creation of note cards or stationery. A collage of photos can be beautifully framed or a scrapbook of pictures taken throughout the years of marriage can be made. Many stores offer original ideas to display photographs, such as mugs or blankets. A portrait sitting for the couple can be a nice way of giving an original photographic gift.

Original Art

Those with artistic talent could give the gift of an original painting. The painting could be of a certain event, a special place or of the couple. A caricature drawing of the couple is another great gift idea for a 26th anniversary. For those not so artistically talented, an original piece of artwork from a respected artist can be selected for this occasion. Couples can visit an art museum together or choose a statue to display in the garden in commemoration of the event.