Ideas for a 35th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Friends

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Traditionally, a type of gift is associated with each wedding anniversary. According to the "Standard Dictionary of Folklore, Mythology, and Legend," this practice “probably has underlying it a belief in the correspondence of certain luck-bringing substances with a distinct number of years.” For a 35th wedding anniversary, the traditional gift is something made of coral and the modern gift is something made of jade.

Coral Chess Set

A wide variety of coral chess sets are on the market to suit most budgets. Some are mixed with other materials to make them more affordable, while others are made of pure coral and cost significantly more. If you plan on purchasing a group gift for your friend's anniversary, splurge on a set that contains hand-carved pieces with intricate detailing. A similar gift idea is a coral checkers set.

Coral Picture Frame

Give a coral picture frame as an anniversary gift as is, or customize it with an engraved plaque. The plaque can include a message or statement, such as "35 years and going strong," "35 years of wedded bliss" or "Congratulations on 35 years of marriage." Alternatively, engrave the plaque with the couple's wedding date or the date of their 35th wedding anniversary. For an added touch, place a print in the frame showing a coral reef or some other underwater scene that includes coral.

Jade Golf Clubs

If the couple you are shopping for plays golf, then a set of jade golf clubs will make a useful and sentimental gift. Jade golf clubs are strong and provide consistent shots every time. They can also be engraved, allowing you to customize them any way you wish. You could engrave each of their names on their own golf club, or you could engrave the date of their anniversary on both.

Jade Carving

Various artists can be found online that create custom carvings out of jade. Send several images of what you would like carved to the artist of your choice. You can have many things carved out of jade, including a portrait of the married couple, the date of their 35th anniversary or something that has meaning to the couple, such as their dog or their cottage.