Inexpensive Gifts for a 50th Wedding Anniversary

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Making it to a 50th wedding anniversary is a huge feat. If you know a couple celebrating their 50th anniversary, give them a special gift from the heart. Here are some inexpensive gifts that a couple will love.

Gold-Themed Gifts

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The traditional themed for a 50th wedding anniversary is gold. Instead of things actually made of gold, find gifts that are gold in color or have gold connotations. For instance, you could give potted plants that are gold in color, like marigolds or goldenrod. You could research a song or record that went gold in the year that the couple was married and purchase it from a reseller. Or you could give a platter or other piece of pottery with a gold border or pattern.

Homemade Gifts

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Use your talents to create a homemade gift. If you're handy with a computer, scan some of their photos and use a movie program to make a montage. Set it to music that means something to the couple. Create a small scrapbook of some of the most important moments in their 50-year marriage. These gifts are inexpensive but will be cherished as gifts from the heart.

Shared Gifts

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If you have your eye on something for a 50th anniversary gift that is a little out of your price range, ask friends or family members if they'd like to contribute money toward getting the gift. Even if you and four friends each contribute only $20, you'll have $100 to spend on a more expensive gift. The couple will be touched by having so many people involved.

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