What to Engrave on Groomsmen's Gifts

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It is tradition for grooms to give their groomsmen gifts to show appreciation for their participation in the wedding and as a token of their friendship. Engraving your groomsmen gifts will personalize the presents to further emphasize your gratitude. Grooms have several options in choosing what to engrave on their groomsmen gifts, including classic, funny, formal and sentimental.

Groosmen's Names

Engraving the groomsmen's names in their gifts is a simple yet personal way of thanking them for their support and participation in the wedding. Engrave the groomsmen's full names if you wish the gift to be formal, or simply engrave their first names if you wish the gift to be more casual. By engraving each groomsman's name you can avoid giving generic presents that could apply to anyone. The groomsmen are more likely to cherish and take care of their gifts if they have been created specifically for them.

Inside Joke

To give a gift in the spirit of humor and conviviality, engrave a phrase that the groomsmen will recognize to be an inside joke among you and the other groomsmen. Maybe something funny happened on a "just for the guys" camping trip, and that single phrase will bring a chuckle every time they read it. Or perhaps you and your groomsmen have a stock phrase that you always say to each other. It might be outdated, but it's your "secret club" jargon; for example, "What's shakin'?" or "No worries." If you're all sports or music fans, maybe there's a sports phrase or song lyric that has a special meaning to you and your friends. For this type of engraving to work, you must choose an inside joke that all of the groomsmen are in on.


If each of your groomsmen has a regularly used nickname, as is the case with many male friendship groups, engrave the nicknames on your groomsmen gifts. For example, for a groomsman named William, maybe it's "Bilbo" or "Big Will." By engraving their nicknames rather than their real names, you can show your groomsmen that you feel close enough to them to be informal. This type of engraving works well for a groom who does not take life too seriously and prefers laid-back friendships to formalities.

Personal Message

To show a more sincere appreciation for your groomsmen's friendship and support, engrave a personal message into each gift. For example, for a groomsman you have known since elementary school, you could write something like "To my friend since second grade..." or "To my longtime buddy..." Write a different personal message for each groomsman, including details that are specific to your friendship. Keep the message concise but make sure it conveys your appreciation.