How to Write a Thank You to Co-Workers for a Wedding Gift

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Even after the wedding, reception and honeymoon are over, there is more work to be done. A gracious couple knows to follow wedding etiquette rules and write individualized thank you notes to their co-workers for the wedding gifts they received. Like the wedding invitations and envelopes, there are also recognized etiquette rules to follow when writing the thank you notes. Make the process easier by keeping a list of your co-workers and the gift they gave as you open your presents.

Choose high-quality wedding stationery and a good ballpoint pen with blue or black ink to write with. Check the pen on a spare piece of paper by scribbling a few times before writing your note to avoid ink blots or dried up pens.

Write an opening statement addressing your co-worker by name informally. For example, "Dear John." If one gift came from two co-workers, address them both by first name, such as "Dear John and Sue." If several co-workers pitched in to buy one gift, write each co-worker his own individual thank you note.

Write the first sentence that thanks the recipient or recipients for the gift, and indicate specifically what the gift was. For example, "Thank you so much for the blender and food processor."

Write the second sentence, indicating how you will enjoy the gift or what you will use the gift for. For example, "As you know, Joe loves to cook, and we look forward to having you and others from the office come by for dinner and margaritas sometime."

Write the closing sentence, again thanking your co-workers for their thoughtfulness and for celebrating this occasion with you.

Sign off with a friendly phrase such as "Warmly," "Kindest Regards" or "Yours Truly," followed by both you and your spouse's first names.