How to Sign a Bridal Shower Card

When one of your gal pals takes the plunge to get married, you often have a lot to say in the bridal shower card that goes along with the gift you give her. It can be hard to figure out just what to write in so little space. While there isn’t a hard and fast set of rules to follow, there are steps you can take to make sure all of your bases are covered.

Start with the greeting. Some bridal showers are for the bride and her friends, while others are couples showers that include the groom. Depending on which type of bridal shower it is, start the card off with the name of the bride or the names of bride and groom.

Say congratulations. The bridal shower is in honor of the upcoming nuptials, so congratulate her (or them) on the big event and let her know how happy you are for her.

Include a short memory or story. When you have a history with the bride-to-be, share a quick memory with her about your friendship or relationship. You can also share a story that involves you, her and her soon-to-be husband, which adds a nice sentimental touch.

Preview the gift. Since brides tend to read the card before they open the gift, include a little teaser. Provide a clue or explain why you chose this particular item. For example, if you bought her sexy lingerie you might say something like “I thought this would help you to warm up those cold nights.”

Wish her luck. Start to bring the note to an end with well wishes for a happy future together.

Sign your name. Bring the card to a close with a sign-off such as “Love" or "Sincerely.” Then sign your name. If you are attending with your significant other, include his or her name as well.