Bachelorette Ice Breaker Games

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To get your bachelorette party off to a rousing start, try playing some ice breaker games so people can get to know each other. When all the guests have gotten comfortable chatting and laughing together--not just those who already know each other--nobody will feel left out and the party will really take off.


If you have a group that doesn't know each other well, it is important to break the ice by introducing everyone. Have everyone sit together in a circle. The first guest must say her first name, along with a drink she likes that starts with the same letter as her name. For example, she might say, "My name is Courtney and I like cosmos." The next guest has to say her own line and then the line of the previous guest and so on, with each guest introducing herself and everyone who came before her. This game may not work if you have a large group of people, and don't take it too seriously, since most people probably won't remember more than a few names at a time.

"I Never" Drinking Game

To play the "I Never" game, guests take turns making a statement such as, "I have never danced on a stripper pole." Anyone who has done the activity has to drink. This game will break the ice very quickly, depending on the types of confessions your bachelorette party guests are willing to make.

Bride Stories

Have all the guests take turns telling a story about their funniest or wildest experience with the bride-to-be. The group then votes on the best story, and the winner gets a prize. If any of the party guests don't know the bride well, have them tell another funny story, perhaps about the groom or other weddings they've attended.

Bride Trivia

For this game, make up a questionnaire about the bride-to-be and possibly the groom if the guests know him as well. The quiz should be multiple-choice for easy scoring. Questions could include things like "How did the bride and groom meet?" or "How did the groom propose?" Anything with a story behind it or a definite answer will work. When everyone has finished answering all the questions, have the bride give the correct answers and everyone can score their own questionnaire. The party guest with the most correct answers gets a prize.

Secret and Forbidden Words

In the secret words game, the bride chooses a secret word, and during the party, the first person to say the secret word gets a prize. Try not to pick something that everyone will probably mention right away, like "honeymoon." Instead, choose something that might come up but isn't guaranteed to be a main topic of conversation, like "nervous."

A similar game uses forbidden words. Before the bachelorette party, choose a word or two that would be hard not to say during the party, such as the groom's name or the word "wedding." At the party, give each guest a small token like a piece of candy and tell everyone which words are forbidden. If someone slips and says a forbidden word, whoever caught her doing so can take her token(s). At the end of the party, the guest who has collected the most tokens gets a prize. In a variation of this game, doing certain things is forbidden, such as sitting with your legs crossed or tucking your hair behind your ear.