Couple's Games for Pre-Wedding

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Before officially tying the knot, many couples celebrate their engagement with a pre-wedding party. This is the perfect time to invite all of your friends to celebrate the engagement. Aside from decorating and serving food, it’s always fun to plan a list of pre-wedding games to play during the party.

How Well Do You Know Your Partner?

Have all the couples sit together to play a “How well do you know your partner?” game. The guests who have arrived without a partner can pair up with one another after being given 10 minutes to discuss more about one another. The hostess must have a list of questions to ask worth a certain amount of points. The couple who gets the most points wins. It can be a great incentive to have a small prize for the winner.

Famous Couples

Instruct the guests to pair up into teams. Each team should write down a total of five famous couples on small strips of scrap paper and place them into one bowl. Each team elects one teammate to go up and choose one scrap of paper, giving off clues to their teammates as to who it may be without ever saying their names. The team who guesses the most famous couples wins.

Facts From the Past

Have everyone write down one fact about themselves from the past that no one should know about. Each person must be very discreet and not let anyone else see what they are writing down. Have the hostess read each fact out loud and allow the guests to openly guess who it might be. This is a fun icebreaker game that will allow everyone to get to know one another.

Make Up a Tale

Have all the party guests gather around in a circle and tell them that they are going to make up a tale about the engaged couple. The first person can start with one line and the next will continue on with the next line. The game doesn’t end until the story has a logical ending. The hostess can write down the lines for scrap-booking memorabilia.