How to Play a Trivia Game at a Birthday Party

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Trivia games appeal to children and adults alike, making them a great choice for almost any type of birthday party. You can choose from among dozens of board and card games that center around different types of trivia. But for a birthday party, a trivia game with the guest of honor as the main subject can put an interesting spin on classic question-and-answer games.

Pass out index cards and markers to party participants before sitting down to play games at the party. Tell each guest to write several trivia questions pertaining to the birthday individual. Have them write one question on each card with the corresponding answer on the other side. Make sure to use washable markers or some other type of writing instrument that will not bleed through the cards and give the answer away.

Gather all of the cards, making sure they are all facing with the question side up. Mix them up and place the stack on a table.

Write the names of all the participants on a piece of paper to keep score. Draw the first card. Keep the back of the card hidden from the other guests.

Allow the other guests to call out answers until someone answers the question correctly. Make sure the guests know not to answer questions they wrote themselves.

Mark a tally on the score sheet under the name of a person who answers a question correctly. Keep playing until all questions have been answered. The person with the highest score at the end wins.