Ideas for Adult Bible Games

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Playing games is as much fun for adults as for children and teens. Games break the ice and make good lead-ins for more serious discussions. For Christian events or Bible studies, games with a biblical twist make learning more about Bible events, principles and characters both entertaining and effective.

Bible Sword

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Make sure all participants have a Bible and that it remains closed until you call out a reference. Before the event or meeting, create a list of Bible passages having to do with the topic you plan to cover. This can be played as individuals or with groups. If with groups, keep score with some reward--such as first to the snack table--for the group receiving the most points. Call out a reference. Everyone tries to find the passage. The first one to find the passage receives a point for that player's group. Read the passage.

Who Am I?

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“Who Am I?” is a good Bible game to break the ice for a meeting, conference or event. As those attending arrive, fasten the name of a Bible character, in an easily read text, to their backs. Explain that they are characters from the Bible and that the object of this game is to ask yes or no questions of others until they figure out who they represent. Questions might include, “Am I female?” “Did I live in the Old Testament?” “Was I a king?”

Act It Out

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On index cards list, several key event passages of Scripture such as Daniel in the lion's den, David killing the giant, Moses and the burning bush. Give time to read the passages and figure out how best to act out the event. Correct guesses receive a point. Those who can pinpoint Old or New Testament and book of the event also receive points. If the gathering is a study, then when deciding on which passages to list, use passages around a key topic or subject that you will delve into more thoroughly after playing the game.

This Bible game can also be played with groups. Divide the adults, giving each a passage to read, discuss and to act out.

Draw the Word

Divide the adults into groups of two or three. Ask each group to find a passage from the Bible that illustrates a principle, character, theme or event. You might also hand out cards with preselected subjects. Ask each group to decide how to illustrate the passage. Each member of the group must draw part of the picture. Each group decides the order and what each member will draw. Those drawing are not allowed to talk or answer questions. Drawing continues until someone guesses correctly or a set time limit passes.