Movie Party Game Ideas

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For movie lovers, what could be a better party than one that centers around movies? Movies playing in the background, invitations that look like movie tickets and popcorn buckets used as serving bowls can all contribute to an exciting movie party. Party games with a movie theme can only add to the fun.

Name the Quote

Print quotations from movies on cards and place around the room. Use well-known quotations, but also lesser-known ones. Use quotes from a variety of movie genres and periods. Partway through the evening, collect the cards. Give each guest a piece of paper and a pencil. Read off the quotes and ask guests to write down the movie from which the quote is taken. The guest with the most correct answers wins a small prize. If you’d like to make the game more complex, ask guests to also identify the character who spoke the quote or the year in which the movie was released.

Who Am I?

Print the names of famous movie characters on index cards, one name per card. As each quest enters, pin or tape a card to their backs with the name visible to others. Each guest must ask other guests questions to figure out which character is pinned to his back. You might offer a prize to the first guest to correctly guess his character, but the game is really intended to get guests talking to one another. Increase the fun by assigning each guest one half of a famous movie couple. Once guests figure out their own characters, they must also find their “mate.”


Write movie titles on small strips of paper, one title per paper. Fold and toss into a bowl. Each person takes a turn to draw a title from the bowl and make the others correctly guess the title without speaking to them. To play competitively, divide into two teams. Each person will have 60 seconds to get her team to guess the movie title. The team with the most correct guesses after every player has had a turn wins.

Movie Trivia

Assemble guests and give each a pen and paper. Read off movie trivia questions and have the guests answer them. The person with the most correct answers is the winner. Write your own questions by researching movie trivia sites. Alternatively, you can purchase a movie trivia board game. Some board games, such as "Scene It," include a video component to play on your television. Other games are made especially for gaming systems.