Ideas for a Photo Slideshow Movie for a Birthday

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A photo slideshow movie typically consists of a series of still digital photos displayed for about five seconds each. Most slideshows also contain music in the background that relates thematically to the images or is special to the birthday guest. Guests enjoy seeing all the photos, and the slideshow can make a memorable birthday present. Rather than arranging photos randomly, give the slideshow some order with a theme or progression of events.

One-Year Slideshow

Celebrate the last year of the birthday guest’s life with a photo slideshow of images from the previous year. Gather photos taken on a variety of occasions and with many different people, especially those who will attend the party. Arrange the photos chronologically as a walk down memory lane or group them into categories to let people see the different areas in which the birthday guest has been active during the year. For example, a teen’s slideshow could have pictures grouped into such categories as school, sports, siblings, friends and a special interest or hobby. For a first birthday party, group pictures into such categories as sleeping, eating, playing, special trips, milestone developmental events and photos with family members.

Party Photos

Rather than preparing a slideshow before the party, assign one person to be the party photographer and take photos on a digital camera during the party. Have the photographer take pictures of the setting and decorations, the cake, candid shots of the guests and any memorable moments. Toward the end of the party, create a slideshow movie with the photos and gather guests to watch it. They will enjoy seeing photos of the activities that took place during the party.

Slideshow Game

Turn a slideshow for a milestone birthday anywhere from the 40th through the 100th into a guessing game for guests. Gather photos from many different times in the birthday celebrant’s life and scan them into the computer if they are not already digital. Have people who provide the photos tell you how old the birthday celebrant was in each photo. During the slideshow, play a game where guests have to write down how old they think the birthday celebrant was in each photo. Go through the slideshow a second time to reveal the answers and give a prize to whoever got the most answers correct.