Birthday Guest Book Ideas

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A guest book at a birthday party captures wishes from guests and provides a keepsake for the guest of honor. Traditional guest books come in a variety of designs to fit the party decor. More creative ideas will set your event apart and allow the guests to show their personality, while leaving birthday wishes for the guest of honor.


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Choose a colorful guest book or journal that fits the party theme. A journal with either blank or lined paper works well. Place the guest book or journal in a central location so all guests will notice it. Ask each guest to sign the journal and write a special birthday message to the guest of honor.


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Cut shapes from colorful scrapbook paper. Provide gel pens or other colorful writing utensils. Ask each guest to write a special message on one of the shapes. Take several photographs during the party, photographing each guest at least once. Use the photographs to create a birthday scrapbook after the party is over. Use the messages as embellishments in the scrapbook, next to a picture of the guest who wrote it. The scrapbook holds more sentimental value, since each guest is able to write a message to go along with the pictures.


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Customized plates and platters are available as an alternative to traditional guest books. Most of the birthday signature plates have a relevant design in the middle. They can be personalized to include names and dates for the event. Use the special pen provided with the signature plate to use for guest signatures. The guest of honor can display the birthday plate as a reminder of the party.

Photograph Mat

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Choose a favorite picture of the guest of honor. Place a photo mat around the photograph. Select a mat that is wide enough to hold all the guest's signatures. Ask each guest to sign the mat of the photograph. Place the photograph and the mat in a picture frame after the party for display.

Painted Canvas

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Purchase a large painter's canvas. Provide paint, paintbrushes and paint pens. Ask each guest to sign the canvas and add a small picture, if desired. The painted canvas will capture each guest's personality through the artwork. Display the canvas guest book after the party.


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Designate one person as the video camera operator. Ask this person to record all the guests at the party. Ask each guest to offer a short birthday wish on camera. Compile and edit the messages into a commemorative video for the guest of honor. The video guest book lets the birthday boy see and hear the wishes instead of simply reading them.