Ideas for Displaying Photos at a Memorial Service

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While memorial services are typically a time to honor the deceased, they are also an opportunity for friends and family members to celebrate their special connection with their loved one. Finding ways to commemorate the deceased's achievements and relationships with photos can be a good way to positively focus the service. There are a variety of photo memorial ideas that can help make the tribute uplifting and memorable.

Memorial Photo Album

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Purchase a large, keepsake photo or scrapbooking album to make a special tribute book of the deceased. Contact close family members, friends, special neighbors or trusted business associates for candid shots to include. Make it more personal by asking them to recall a special memory or anecdote they would be willing to have included in the album. Then scrapbook in those personal mementos. Have the finished album open for display at the memorial service. Afterwards, the album can be presented to a close family member as a special keepsake.

Favorite Photo Display

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Set up a large banquet-style table at the memorial. Contact close family members, friends, special neighbors, sports teammates or college friends for a favorite photo they might have of the deceased or themselves and the deceased. Frame the photos in whatever size and shape fit the photo or have the person donating the photo bring it already framed. Arrange the photos on the banquet table for service attendees to look through.

Candid Collage

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Create a large free-standing or framed collage of memorable photos for display at the memorial. Use scrapbooking techniques to include depictions of a favorite hobby or interest of the person. Contact close family members, friends, special neighbors or trusted business associates for candid shots to include in the collage. For a more finished product, frame the collage under glass and display on an easel at the service.

Memorial Slide Show Images

Experts at Photodex suggest creating a slideshow of favorite photos of the deceased to show at the memorial service. Choose a digital software product to create the slideshow and request digital photos from close relatives and friends. Scan in any paper copies of photos you want to include that are not already formatted as digital files. Add special or meaningful music over the slideshow as background and have the memorial service providers set up a screen for viewing.