How to Make a Photo Slideshow for an Anniversary Party

How to Make a Photo Slideshow for an Anniversary Party. A video slideshow made from memorable family photos is a great gift to give to an anniversary couple. The gift is also a perfect piece of entertainment for guests at the party. Include photos, music and even video clips for all your guests to enjoy.

Collect photos from friends and family by requesting they send you their favorite photos spanning the entire lives of the married couple.

Scan photos using a computer with scanner. Collect all the photos in one folder on your hard drive or on a CD.

Organize the photos into separate categories to make for easier formatting when you begin using a slideshow making program.

Acquire a video/photo slideshow program for your computer. A Movie Maker or DVD Slide Show Professional are just two of many you can find online.

Start a new project using your slideshow software. Begin by selecting all the photos in your anniversary folder to add into the slide show.

Use the software to organize the photos chronologically, or however you want them to appear on the video. You can also add captions to the photos in the slideshow.

Download songs to use as background music for the video. Add them to your slideshow and save it to a recordable DVD to show at the party.