How to Make a Gift Voucher for Driving Lessons

Gift vouchers for driving lessons or driving practice are good gifts for teens preparing to test for their driver’s license, older people learning to drive or even friends or relatives learning to drive a new kind of vehicle. These gift vouchers can be made on home computers and printed at home or at a copy shop.

Open the word-processing or presentation program on your computer. In the center of the blank page, put the text for your vouchers. Your vouchers might read, “Good for five driving lessons” or “Good for a lesson in parallel parking” or “Three motorcycle lessons.” If you want to have several vouchers to give, you can make multiple copies of the same design once it’s finished by copying and pasting the entire page of your finished voucher onto a new page.

Decide what kind of look you want the gift vouchers to have. You could choose a bubbly birthday theme for a new 16-year-old, or an elegant design featuring a picture of a new car or other vehicle. You can find photos online at free photo sites to decorate your vouchers. Most word-processing and presentation software programs have a selection of borders you can also use around the edges of the voucher.

Copy and paste images to your voucher background. The background can be plain white, or you can print the vouchers out onto colored paper. You can put more than one voucher on a page and cut them out after printing if your design is small.

Print out the vouchers with your home printer or through a print and copy shop. Package them in a nice envelope, and they are ready to give.