How to Make a Pinata With a Balloon

balloon image by Aleksandr Ugorenkov from

Making a piñata for a child’s birthday party is a fun activity to share with kids. Design and make your own piñata for a celebration or to keep as a fun memento. Give yourself plenty of time if you are thinking about using the piñata for a special event. By making your own authentic piñata you can control the thickness and color of the toy. Make your piñata thicker for adults and thinner for kids so they can smash it after a few swings.

Cut newspaper in one-inch strips. Make the strips about six inches long.

Blow up a large balloon, at least 16 inches wide.

Set the balloon on a wide mouthed plastic glass or small bowl.

Pour one cup of white glue into a shallow plastic pan. Mix in ½ cup of warm water, using a plastic spoon.

Soak the newspaper strips in the glue mixture.

Stick the strips to the balloon, all in one direction. Allow the strips to dry at least one hour.

Turn the balloon over on the cup. Glue more newspaper strips on the balloon horizontally. Allow these strips to dry.

Glue on some vertical strips and allow them dry overnight. Use a needle to pop the balloon inside the piñata.

Using a screwdriver, punch two holes in the top of the piñata. String cord through the two holes. The cords will be tied to a tree as a hanger.

Hang the piñata from a tree. Spray paint the entire piñata bright yellow. Allow it to dry.

Use craft paint to paint colored designs on your piñata. Draw on a simple smiley face or lots of flowers and butterflies. Allow the paint to dry completely.

Use a sharp paring knife to cut a small three-inch door in the top and side of the piñata.

Load the piñata with candy and novelty toys. Tape the door closed. Hang the piñata where your guests can take a smack at it.