How to Word a Grandma Baby Shower Invitation

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The arrival of your first grandchild is an important milestone in your life, as well as your child’s. Celebrating with a “grandma” baby shower is an excellent way to communicate this milestone to your friends (and your child’s friends) while providing the young couple with items and materials they will need for raising their baby. However, because baby showers are traditionally thrown by friends of the mother, finding the right words for a grandma baby shower invitation can be tricky. Follow a few simple guidelines, and your invitations will be as perfect as your grandchild!

Include basic information. The most important role of the invitation is to communicate basic information about the party to your guests. Therefore, don’t forget to include the name of the parents, the address of the party, the date and time and a number for the RSVP. A sample invitation might read as follows:

Please join Mary Stevens to celebrate the birth of George and Martha Stevens’ first child! On May 15, 2015 At 3 p.m. 1215 Maple Street Boston, MA RSVP: 555-0234

Make it clear who is hosting. If nothing else, make sure that your name appears on the invitation so that guests realize you are the person hosting the party. “Mary Stevens invites you to celebrate the birth of her granddaughter” is another simple phrase that effectively communicates your relationship to the new baby.

Add cute touches. One way to make your role in the party clear is to add a rhyme or some other fun phrase to your party invitations. For a grandma baby shower invitation, one simple way to do this is to play on the old song “Over the River and Through the Woods.” Your invitations might read:

Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother’s house we go. . . To celebrate the birth of Mary and George’s first baby, Grandma Mary invites you to join us On June 23, 2015 At 2 p.m. 1568 Elm Street Savannah, GA RSVP: 555-1234