Jungle Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas

jungle image by Yohann Zaoui from Fotolia.com

Kick off your little one’s jungle-themed birthday party by sending out homemade invitations that incorporate clever wording. Start with a simple card picturing a jungle scene or jungle animals, and write the party information inside. In addition to getting guests excited about the jungle party with the wording, the invitation also lets them know what to expect and communicates important information about the party.

Heading Substitutions

Birthday party invitations typically include basic headings such as “time,” “date” and “location.” Instead of using these, substitute jungle-related phrases. For example, say, “The adventure begins at [time] on [date].” List the party location under the heading of “watering hole,” “monkey’s den,” or “giraffe crossing.”

Monkey Wording

As one of the more prominent jungle animals, monkeys can play a part in the birthday invitations. The cards can invite guests to “swing on in” for the birthday party, to “hoot, holler and chatter with us,” or to just “come monkey around.” Baby Cachet suggests the rhyming wording, “Monkey see, monkey do--We're having a birthday party & inviting you!”


Clever invitation wording can include puns that take advantage of the fact that “lion” sounds like “lying.” For example, the invitation could kick off with, “No lion about it, [name] is turning [age]!” Baby Cachet’s suggested wording includes the verse, “Ain’t no Lion about it, You’ll have a roaring good time!”

Jungle Explorers

Refer to the invited guests as jungle explorers on the invitation when communicating whether parents and siblings are invited to stay at the party or not. For example, write, “Bring the whole crew of jungle explorers to stay and party with us” if family is invited or “Invited jungle explorers, only!” if parents should plan to drop off and pick up their children.

Wording Example

Some websites suggest specific verses to use on a jungle-themed birthday party invitation. These verses typically rhyme and incorporate jungle animals. For example, Colors by Design suggests: “Friends of the jungle Have gathered to say Please join us in celebrating [Child’s name and age] birthday!”