Wording for a Scavenger Hunt Invitation

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Scavenger hunts are games in which participants are sent off to search for and collect items on a list prepared by party organizers. Invitations to a scavenger hunt should communicate party basics, such as time and place, as well as specify casual dress.

Party theme

Choose a theme for your scavenger hunt. The treasure-hunting aspect of the game may suggest a pirate or Indiana Jones theme. It's wise to give fair warning that you will be conducting a scavenger hunt so that guests can dress accordingly or at least wear comfortable shoes.

Party basics

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All party invitations must have certain basic information: date, time, location and what to bring, for example, as well as a phone number to call for regrets. If it is a birthday party or bridal shower, say so. If guests should bring a beverage or a dish to share, say so.

Invitation design

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Invitations to a scavenger hunt beg for a touch of mystery. Consider sending your invitations in a scroll, on a treasure map or as a message in a bottle, sealed with a cork.