Biblical Scavenger Hunt Ideas

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Scavenger hunts can be tailored to a Christian theme to play at churches or with youth groups as a learning experience. There are many ways to set up Bible scavenger hunts and incorporate Christian ideas into the items to be found.

Names of the Bible

Send your game players out on a hunt for a certain list of biblical names. Have them visit local shops, physician offices or other places around town to gather brochures or other free materials that have the specified names printed on them. For example: If one of the names on the list is "John" a pamphlet from "John's Sewer Service" would qualify as a "found item." The first person or team to bring back items for each name on the list is the winner.

Children's Scavenger Hunt

Use images or objects to represent items that are mentioned in the Bible and hide them in various places in the church. Give each child or team a list of the items to find, and send them out on the hunt. The first team to return with all of the items found is the winner. Consider grouping the children into teams so that each team has a child old enough to read all of the words used.

Cryptic Hunt

For adults or older children (teenage), provide a list of clues, rather than a list of items, and send them out to find the items that the clues lead to. The clues should lead to an item or person mentioned in the Bible. For example: Hide an apple somewhere, and provide the clue, "Eve bit me." The first team or person who is able to solve all of the clues and find each item is the winner.

Text Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt list of passages from the Bible. Choose several passages and list them for the players of the game. Do not include the location of the passage. Let each player or team attempt to find the passages in the Bible and write down the locations of each passage. The player or team to correctly find each passage and write out its location is the winner.