Free Children's Bible Activities Grades 3-4

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Bible activities for third- and fourth-graders can be done without having to spend money. Enjoy Bible stories with the kids. Hearing these stories from an early age gives them valuable guidance. Use ideas that include Bible verses, and let the word of God have an opportunity to come alive and develop in their hearts.

Teach the Kids to Worship

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Have a worship time with the third- and fourth-graders. Start with the songs most Sunday school kids have learned, and progress to "Psalty's Songs for Little Praisers" if you have access to these CD's or others like it. Let them enjoy dancing to the praise music as they sing along. Afterward, give them a chance to make up some songs of their own.

Play Bible Games

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Try "Bible Jeopardy" to help them gain knowledge. Go over some familiar stories, songs, and characters from Scripture and have a list of questions for which that your third- and fourth-graders should know the "What is" answers. Keep score, and have a treat or a reward for the winners.

Let Them Act Out Bible Stories

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Perform some Bible skits. Read "Daniel in the Lion's Den" or "David and Goliath" and discuss the story. Ask the kids to volunteer for character parts and re-enact the stories. Proceed until everyone has had a turn. Discuss the story afterward to see what new thoughts or understanding has been gathered.

Go Tell the Good News

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Bring in some shells large enough to write on with markers. Give a teaching on the Great Commission: Mark 16:15: "And He said to them, 'Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.' " Encourage a discussion on its value and whether this applies to kids or to just grown-ups. Figure out what "Go" means in this case, and determine if kids are able to "go" or not. Let the children write words on the shells, such as "Jesus loves you" or "God is love." Walk around and distribute them in handy places for people to find.