Valentine's Day Party Games for School- Aged Kids

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Valentine's Day can teach kids about love and how to appreciate others. Whether you're a teacher or a parent, make kids feel special by hosting a Valentine's Day party for them. Include games at the party that will maximize their enjoyment.

Heart Match

In this game, children search for the matching half to their heart. Create construction paper hearts from red or pink paper and cut them in half in different angles and with different shapes–for example, diagonal, zig-zagged and curved. Give one half of the hearts to children and hide the other halves around the room. Send children to search for the matching half to their heart. The first person to find her match wins the game.

Heart Hop

Kids perform different tasks in this game. On construction paper heart cut-outs, write different activities such as jump, hop on one foot or dance. Divide kids into two teams. Have teams stand at opposite sides of the room. On each of two chairs, place a pile of hearts. Blow a whistle to indicate the start of the race. Upon hearing the whistle blow, one player at a time from each team runs to a chair and grabs a heart. Players must perform the activity written on the heart. The first team that has had every member perform an activity wins the game.

Heart Stack

Children race to stack candy hearts in this game. Lay out piles of candy hearts on a table. Instruct partygoers they are to build a tower of hearts as tall as they can in 30 seconds. On your mark, kids begin stacking hearts into a tower. When 30 seconds are up, sound a whistle or ring a bell. The child who built the tallest heart tower is the winner of this game.

Heart Toss

This game involves tossing bean bags through hearts. Cut out a large heart in the bottom of three card board boxes. Prop the boxes so they are standing upright with the hearts facing out and place them in a horizontal line. Assign a point value to each heart–five points to the middle heart and two points to the side hearts. Provide kids with three bean bags. While standing about five feet away from the boxes, kids take turns trying to throw their bean bags into the hearts. The first player to earn 15 points wins the game.