Kids' Snacks That Start With the Letter "B"

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Snacks suited for kids that start with the letter "B" run the gamut from everyday healthy snacks to once-in-a-while treats. Whether you are looking for alphabet-inspired kids' snacks for a party, as part of a school challenge or project or to reinforce learning the ABCs, plenty of letter "B" snacks satisfy a kid's nutritional needs.

Bananas and Berries

Serve fruit-based snacks that start with the letter "B" to widen the choice of produce, encourage healthier snacking or just to satisfy a craving for fruit. Bananas, for example, are full of potassium and can be served plain, sliced over a small bowl of cereal with milk or in half a peanut butter sandwich. Urge your children to snack on berries -- blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries and lingonberries -- or make a berry parfait with granola and calcium-rich yogurt.

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Broccoli and Bell Peppers

Serve vegetable snacks beginning with "B" when your kids are begging for something crunchy while doing homework or watching TV. Set out broccoli "trees," which can be dipped in creamy dressing, eaten plain or steamed with sesame stir-fry sauce. Baby carrots are also good steamed or raw with ranch-flavored dip. Trim bell peppers into strips ready for dunking in creamy dressing or hummus, incorporate them into a salad or stuff whole ones with couscous for a bulkier snack. Images

Breads and Bran Muffins

Treat kids to a sweet snack that starts with the letter "B." They'll gobble down banana bread -- sneak in oats and swap applesauce for some of the oil to make it healthier -- berry muffins, bran muffins, blueberry oat bars and any other kind of bar, like granola bars and chocolate-chip bars.

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Beans and Burgers

Fuel up kids with hearty snacks that start with the letter "B" if it will be a long time until their next meal or if they are simply very hungry. Some filling, kid-friendly "B" snacks include bread, toasted and served with peanut butter or deli meat; beans, such as baked beans or black beans with taco spices or ranch seasoning; and mini burgers with fun-shaped "buns" cut out of bread using cookie cutters.

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